Liva Menstrual pain relieve

Understanding how difficult it is to be a woman, Livia has developed one “Livia Menstrual pain relief” that can help stop the pain without cousing any side effect. Livia is a revolutionary drug-free, wearable medical device that delivers much safer, faster and more complete menstrual pain relief.
Livia’s patented SmartWave™ Pain Blocking technology uses gentle micro-pulses to keep the central nervous “occupied” and hence unable to receive menstrual pain signals. In addition, these micro-pulses activate the body’s natural pain control response by releasing beta endorphins to further suppress pain. Since its inception in 2016, Livia has undergone extensive clinical trials under the supervision of renowned women’s health expert Dr. Bari Kaplan, and has brought relief to nearly 100,000 satisfied customers worldwide.
Currently, Livia has been brought to Vietnam market by small shops with very high price. Therefore, DRI is working closely with the manufacturer and will soon distribute the products in Vietnam market with reasonable price.

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