N-Drip Irrigation system

With experience in managing, supervising and coordinating in many projects, DRI has provided N-Drip with approaching the Vietnamese market step by step, from market research to approach potential customers, enterprises and cooperatives in Vietnam to introduce N-Drip irrigation system.
In addition, DRI also contributed to the stable operation of N-Drip system in PepsiCo’s potato growing model in the north of Vietnam in 2021 with test results:
• Output (tons/4,000m2): up 48%
• Water used for irrigation (m3/4,000m2): reduced by 62%
• Water efficiency: 288% based on output and water usage.
In the South, Pepsico has provided design drawings, implementation plans, process advice as well as efficiency when applying NDrip. DRI team will continue to accompany NDrip in supervising, operating and managing Pepsico’s project in the South.

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